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kasutaja » Irinah

album » Goods for Dogs

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    27 Detsember, 2018 - 03:15

    Kommenteeris: Irinah

    Bathrobe is made of soft, pleasant to the touch fabric, well absorbing water - velor software (100% polyester).
    Bathrobe for dogs is put on a wet dog (after washing, bathing or rain) so that the water from the animal's coat is quickly absorbed into the fabric. It is more convenient than towels, since a dog, shaking himself off in a bathrobe, does not splash water around him (sometimes also with dirt) and dries faster.
    Bathrobe is ergonomic, comfortable, does not hinder the movements of the dog, does not interfere with rest. It can be worn to keep the dog warm if it freezes (for example, when it is cold in the house).
    Not intended for walking dogs, so cutouts for the administration of natural needs are not provided. Equally suitable for males and bitches.
    We recommend machine wash at 40ºС.
    Back / breast
    25 / 36-48cm
    30/ 40-52cm
    35/ 44-56cm
    40/ 48-64cm
    50/ 56-76cm
    60/ 72-96cm
    70/ 84-116cm

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